DIY Crafts for Kids Grassy Heads

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DIY Crafts for Kids Grassy Heads

DIY Crafts for Kids Grassy Heads


Looking for some easy summer crafts for kids?  My kids loved creating these grass heads.  They are really easy to make and I love the fact that it was a craft that we keep looking at and taking care of for weeks after we made it.  Plus the grass grows really fast and looks super cool!

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We always have a garden in the summer.  We don’t usually end up with much growing, but usually something pops up.  This was a fun twist on watching plants grow.  Just add the grass seeds to the bottom of the nylon and then fill it with soil. 

We decorated with things that we had on hand and they turned out beautifully.  Make sure they are good and wet and then give it some sunshine.  The hair starts to grow quite quickly and it’s so much fun to watch little ones become the barber!

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