Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids


As I get ready for the holidays, I love to start with some arts and crafts!  These Christmas crafts for kids are super cute and really easy to make.  They are sturdy and so simple that my kids were able to make them largely independently.  My kids then ended up playing with them and using them to make a small display.  They turned out so well that all of my kindergarten students are making them for a special gift to take home for the holidays.

easy Christmas crafts for kids

I started with wooden cubes.  They are roughly 1″ cubes.  Old wooden alphabet blocks would also work well.  We then painted each of the sides a solid colour.

Christmas crafts for kids

Once the paint was dry we used puffy paint to add details.  Markers would also work; I just personally like the 3-d look of the puffy paint.  We also used some yarn, pipe cleaners and sparkles to add to the different figures.

christmas crafts for kids


I decided to glue the blocks on slightly crooked because I felt that it gave them a bit of character.  However, they look just as adorable with the blocks lined up!  I used hot glue to glue the cubes together.

christmas crafts for kids

I am so happy with how well they turned out.  The blocks give them a special, natural look that I love.  I am excited to make these at school with my classes during an art period.  They are so simple, but turn out so beautifully and make a nice homemade keepsake.  They would be great as a present or even as an ornament.

chrismas crafts for kids

When I make them again, I would love to try them with larger blocks.  These figures are perfect for little hands, and larger pieces would look great for decoration.  Christmas crafts for kids can be inexpensive, easy and beautiful!

christmas crafts for kids

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