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Pumpkin Science Experiments


Although I teach different subject areas, kids usually call me their science teacher.  I love the fact that this is the subject area that they tend to most remember and activities that stand out to them.  I love their reaction when we do science experiments, and their genuine interest and enthusiasm towards them. My hope is that they never lose this curiosity and sense of wonder.  Currently, I am continuing our inquiry with pumpkins.  Today we did a whole class science experiment with a small pie pumpkin jack o’lantern.

science experiments

I used a small pumpkin and carved a very basic face.  With students circled around me, I laid out a cloth on the floor.  I then set the glass container into the pumpkin.  I then poured 3/4 of a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the container.  I added roughly 1/4 cup of hand soap and lots of food colouring (about 1 tbsp).  I stirred this mixture.  In another cup, I added 2 and 1/4 tsp of dry yeast and 1/4 cup of warm water (the water must be warm!).  I mixed this until all of the yeast was mixed in.

With students, we observed that on their own neither of the mixtures were doing anything. Students then predicted what was going to happen when I added the two mixtures together.  Students then made sure their safety glasses were on and I poured in the yeast mixture.  (We only use the glasses to practice safety procedures when doing experiments. I remind students every time we do an experiment that science is something that they can do at home, but always with a parent.  Always use caution.)

Once the mixtures are added together, within seconds, the foam is oozing out of the pumpkins eyes, nose and mouth. It is fun to watch the foam bubble out and students love this type of science!


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