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Preschool Games – The Kissing Hand


I love the book “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn!  I often read it during the first week of school.  For this activity, I first did a story play with my students based on the book.  I created this board game as a follow-up activity.  Since I did this during the first week of school I needed an activity that was simple enough for 3 year olds, but also fun and engaging.  I’m really happy with how this turned out.  I painted large dice with white paint and then colours so that it was easy for my new students.  Preschool games are a lot of fun to make and are even better when they are a hit in the classroom!

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I then created a board that had all of the colours from the dice.  Students were challenged to get Chester (the main character from the book) to school.  Each time they rolled the dice they moved to the corresponding colour.  Just for fun, once students got Chester to school they were rewarded with a heart sticker in the palm of the hand.  Grab a copy of the book to do this activity with your child!  A link to the board game is below (free to print).


Download: Kissing Hand Board Game

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