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First Day of School Activity – Goldfish Icebreaker


Happy first week of school!  This activity went even better than I had anticipated – I will be using it again in future years.  I wanted to do an icebreaker with my kindergarten classes, but I needed it to be easy and fun.  I used this first day of school activity with Goldfish crackers and it worked out wonderfully!  Students were excited to get a little treat.  I was happy that our new children were sharing things about themselves with their classmates.

First day of school activity

I gave each student 4-5 crackers.  Children don’t need every colour, but I tried to give each child a variety.  We went through each of the colours together and talked about what they were going to stand for.  I told students that if they had a green goldfish they were going to find a new friend and tell then what they were most excited about for the year.  Students moved around the classroom to walk and meet new classmates.  After they had told, then they were allowed to eat the cracker.  If they had two greens then they told two new friends two things that they were excited about.  If students did not have a green cracker, they modeled being a good friend by being a good listener.  We then moved onto the orange crackers, red and finally yellow.

first day of school activity

It was great to listen to students sharing about themselves.  Even new students were keen to share because they were excited to have a Goldfish cracker.  It was a great first day icebreaker.

(Always be careful with allergies.  Especially on the first day, make sure you are aware of any allergies with new students.)

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