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Drama Games – Random Connections


How do all of these items fit together?  It’s a job for your group of students!  Of all of the drama games that I have done over the years, this one is probably the easiest to prepare and involves the most creativity and laughs.  I place students in small groups (about 5 works well) and then give them a bin.  In the bin I placed 5-6 random items.  I intentionally pick items that don’t immediately seem connected.  Students have to come up with a short skit that uses all of the props in some way and it has to (basically) make sense.  I have done this activity many times over the years and there are always a lot of laughs, and creativity!drama games

This activity also works well if you need a quick activity to do with a group.  Students could each select one object from the classroom and then be placed into groups.  This activity takes teamwork and a great imagination.

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