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School Supplies – Food Colouring


There are a lot of supplies that I purchase every year knowing that I will use them frequently over the year.  Of all of the school supplies that I purchase for kindergarten, food colouring would be at the top of the list.  I use it constantly!  I use it for play-dough, countless science experiments and even for liquid chalk.  In the past, I used to buy the small containers of food colouring, but I went through a lot very quickly in order to get the bright, vibrant colours that I wanted.  If I wanted red play-dough for Valentine’s Day I would need a full bottle.  I use it a lot at home, as well, with my own kids.  When we do experiments, fancy themed baths and even baking together I will often grab the food colouring.

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I recently found these large bottles of food colouring for under $5 at a local bulk food store.  It has saved me a fortune!  I only bough the primary colours because half the fun is mixing the colours in order to get the desired colour.  I have even given this school supply as a gift to a kindergarten teacher – knowing how much they would go through over the year!

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