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School Supplies – Eye Droppers


What’s better for beginner scientists than eye droppers?  These really make kids feel like they are doing real science.  Doing kindergarten prep, I use these on a regular basis and kids always love them.  I like when little hands work to be steady and precise.  We use both pipettes and the eye droppers.  When we mix colours I use just water with food colouring in it.  When we are doing an experiment the eye droppers are often then filled with vinegar to carefully drop a drop onto baking soda and watch the bubbles.  At first, I made sure to always demonstrate how to properly use the droppers and now the kids are pros!

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I challenged students to see if they could just drop one drop, then only two drops.  Finally, maybe eight drops.  It is a way to encourage them to really try to just add drop by drop, like a real scientist, versus squirting the whole dropper full.  I make sure to have a discussion with students, and a reminder each time we use them, that if they see an eye dropper at home, that they are not a toy and the ones at home are used for medicine, not for science so they need to stay away.  If you use them in your class, these reminders are important and create a good discussion about safety with science.

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