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Frog Habitat Story Play Centre


I thoroughly enjoy creating story plays and presenting them to young kids.  I have started working to bring in the idea of story plays into more of my activities that I do in kindergarten.  This was a story play, without a story.  As one of the kindergarten classes that I cover prep for was learning about frogs, I created a frog story play centre for them to use.  This is our frog habitat in a box.

frog habitat

I did not associate the story play materials with a specific story for students.  I simply put them into small groups with a bin full of all of the props/materials that would be found for a frog’s habitat.  There was brown, green and shiny blue fabric which works well to represent water.  There were also a few lily pads, a few frog models, stones, wood slices, plants and a wooden person.   The pond models that groups created were absolutely beautiful!

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