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Community Mapping for Kids


A mix of our mapping and community units!  As I moved with grade 1 students from our mapping unit into our unit on their community, I used this activity to make the transition smooth. Students did have the opportunity to create their own map, and look at various maps of their local community and beyond.  I wanted to do a hands-on activity with them in order do some community mapping together on a larger scale. I used pictures from around our neighbourhood, some black sheets to represent the road, and a few plants for the forested areas.  Then I taped photos to large building blocks from the kindergarten class.  Each student got one or two building blocks/locations.

community mapping

As we began to map our neighbourhood on the carpet, students laid their block as we got to its location.  Once we had placed all of the blocks/buildings then students had the chance to walk through their mini neighbourhood. They were excited to recognize the different buildings that they often visit.  Plus they loved being able to walk through their neighbourhood.  It was a great community mapping activity that I will definitely do again next year!

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