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Valentine’s Day Science – Chemical Reaction


Baking soda + vinegar = a chemical reaction…

But in kindergarten any bubbles (or explosions!!!) cause a lot of excitement, and learning!  I did this activity with all of the classes I cover prep for.  Ahead of time, I mixed baking soda with a bit of red food coloring and a bit of water.  I then put the mixture into the molds and let them dry.

chemical reaction

The surprise was that in each mold was a heart gem for each student to discover and take home.  For some classes I made the small hearts from the molds and gave one to each student.  Other classes, I made a larger heart with the cookie cutter and put students in groups of 2-3.  The larger heart that students shared was much easier and faster to make (especially when preparing enough for 120 students).

Students came up with a hypothesis and we discussed what they thought would happen. With the vinegar and eye droppers, students put a small drop on the heart and watched (with magnifying glasses) and listened as they fizzed and broke apart.

There was so much excited as students, one by one discovered the hidden heart and even more excitement when they found out they could take it home!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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