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Hand Washing lesson


You can’t get more hands on than this!  Young kids are always being reminded to wash their hands, but I soon realized the need to actually teach kids how to wash their hands.  A quick rinse with water isn’t going to cut it.  I did this hand washing lesson with all of my kindergarten classes that I cover prep for.

hand washing lesson

To introduce the lesson, I pretended to sneeze on my hands – and revealed them covered in sparkles (germs).  I sprayed a student’s hand with a bit of water (to help the sparkles stick) and said good morning to them and shook their hand.  We then all said good morning to each other – giving high fives and hand shakes.  After a minute we stopped and checked who had come in contact with the ”germs”.  All of us had!

We then walked down to the student washrooms and stood together outside.  I had a bowl full of water that students wet their hands with and then I gave them a pump of soap.  Once everyone had soap, we started washing.  I modeled how to get between fingers and backs of hands.  We sang ”happy birthday” twice then students went into washrooms to rinse and dry.  We then inspected for any left over germs (sparkles). Some students realized where they were missing when they washed their hands.  It was a great hand washing lesson, especially now, during fly season, and a good reminder of how to properly wash.  It was also perfect timing for lunch – knowing there were 30 pairs of freshly cleaned hands!

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