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STEM Activities – Dream Homes


If you were to build your dream house, what would you include?  For me, a pool would be wonderful, but asking a group of kindergarten kids is always far more interesting.  I love doing stem activities in kindergarten and from what I have seen kids love being given the opportunity to do them!

I gave each student a small wooden person and then showed them a selection of building materials (connect straws, Lego, magnetic shapes, wooden blocks etc.)  Anything you can build with works!) I let students choose any material they wanted and then they got to build their dream home.  Their ideas were priceless – ranging from indoor waterparks to a hockey arena room.

I did this activity in a 40 minute period, however, it could have gone much longer.  Students started to link their home with others (to create castles).  It worked well for the time that I had, but it would be interesting to see how far this could have taken them.

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