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Bird Activities for Kindergarten


With spring around the corner, one of the classes that I cover prep for in kindergarten are doing a bird inquiry.  I wanted to try some centres with the classes and this what I used for some bird activities for kindergarten.  It included a puzzles, a birds nest, bird books, and snack for the birds activity.  I was thrilled by how many kids ended up looking through the bird books and showing me and their classmates birds that they recognized.

bird activities for kindergarten

Stringing the cereal onto the pipe cleaners was favourite with the kids.  It was also great for hand eye coordination.  When they finished their circle we attached them together to make a long chain.  I put the chain out in their playground and it was beautiful hanging from the trees.  Students checked on them daily to see if any feathered friends had visited.  In the future, if I do another bird centre the only thing that I would change would be to add some bird models/figures.  Students could even be challenged to find the different birds (models) in the books.  Once thing that I am really enjoying about teaching kindergarten is that I get to explore so many different topics and areas of interest.  Between all of the classes that I cover prep for there is always something new to explore and learn about!

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