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Introducing Melody!  If you are looking for a really easy way to bring some excitement and magic into your classroom, I found this the best way!   Students have been studying hand puppets, so I really wanted to show them a dialogue.  However, vantriloquism is not something I felt I could do well – or learn fast!  However, I created a short script between myself and our puppet “Melody” (I also use her for our music class). I recorded a dialogue between my daughter and I and recorded it as a video on my phone.

hand puppets

I made a really short script and my daughter read, as Melody, and I read what I would say to the class.  However, I just quietly said my lines in her ear (to make the timing right, without my voice being recorded).  When I brought her into class, you could hear a pin drop as Melody talked to students.  They were mesmerized with the conversation between us and have asked many times when Melody would be coming back to visit!  The dialogue could be anything from singing ‘happy birthday’ to a child in the room celebrating their birthday to introducing a new science unit.  Either way you will have your students undivided attention.

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